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Gafachi Introduces its Platinum International Rate Table

Wholesale Voice over IP carrier, Gafachi, Inc. announced today that it has released its new Gafachi Platinum International rate table offering substantially more competitive rates to customers with a strong international focus.
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Gafachi Communications
Enhances its Network

Gafachi, Inc. announced today that it has recently completed a series of network enhancements which are part of a continuing strategy to provide additional diversity to their network. Gafachi has completed the establishment of geographically diverse SIP Clusters available to all Customers.
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Gafachi Customer
Support Advantages

Gafachi employs real-time call tracing with protocol captures of all TDM-side signaling (SS7). Their proprietary call tracing utility allows Gafachi's technicians to non-intrusively set up account-specific call traces, on the VoIP-side of the network, based on parameters such as IP, call source, and call target.
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