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The Gafachi Network was built from the ground up, focusing solely on creating a reliable, fully interoperable VoIP Network. A call is first sent to the Gafachi Network via the public Internet, where it is then carried over our network to a TDM termination. Gafachi's long haul, self-healing SONET (Synchronous Optical Network), provides unparalleled reliability. Coupled with 24/7 monitoring, from Gafachi's Network Operations Center (NOC), network uptime continually exceeds 99.999%.

The Gafachi Network includes best-in-class switching technology, provided by the GSS (Gafachi Softswitch). The GSS interconnects the VoIP side of our network (using SIP) with the TDM side of our network, through protocols such as SS7. Redundancy is employed in every critical component of our network, leaving no single point of failure. Our IP network uses redundant BGP connections to a diversity of Tier 1 backbones.

Gafachi employs proprietary QoS measures throughout our network, in addition to advanced echo control and packet-loss concealment technologies. To maximize network reliability and integrity, Gafachi employs aggressive security measures, including camera surveillance, metal detectors, and biometric security systems.

Gafachi is proud to provide our customers a high quality, reliable network at an affordable price. Our experience and continued investment into our network, ensures that our customers will have access to next generation solutions today.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or sign up online.

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