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April 4, 2007

Advanced VoIP Network Redefines Telecom Support

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the face of telecom, changing not only consumers' cost expectations but also challenging traditional operating procedures. Companies that have developed VoIP networks from the ground up have the unique opportunity to address long-standing operational issues common among traditional Telcos. Gafachi Communications is one such carrier, which has spent years developing custom network functionality to provide a new level of customer support and network reliability.

Wholesale telecom has long been plagued with inefficiencies when it comes to providing valuable technical support to its customer base. The diversity of vendors magnifies these challenges in ever-changing VoIP networks. Carriers often times lack the ability to pinpoint customers' issues in a timely manner, due to inherent network design shortcomings. Gafachi employs real-time call tracing with protocol captures of all TDM-side signaling (SS7). Their proprietary call tracing utility allows Gafachi's technicians to non-intrusively set up account-specific call traces, on the VoIP-side of the network, based on parameters such as IP, call source, and call target. In depth media tracing options can be selected to allow for detailed analysis of RTP, DTMF and T.38, and unlike most vendors' equipment, Gafachi has the capability to capture and store traces on call-by-call basis rather than as a large cluster of data. This ability to quickly and effectively track every call across multiple points in their network allows Gafachi to provide a new level of customer support.

Troubleshooting customer interoperability is a critical component of providing wholesale VoIP services. However, often times the most valuable customer support is that which helps a customer track and grow their business. Traditionally, the only information a customer receives from their carrier is a call detail record, which often provides limited data and is not easily accessible. "Gafachi aims to go beyond billing summaries with our custom suite of tools, which focus on tracking, reporting, and analysis of calls (TRAC)", said Frank Conjerti, Network Systems Development Engineer at Gafachi. TRAC enables Gafachi to provide their customers with real-time on-line CDRs, hourly utilization statistics, allowing for quick and fine-grain provisioning, and comprehensive call treatment statistics. These tools allow Gafachi to provide their customers with the valuable data wholesale customers have been waiting for.

While price is often the bottom line in wholesale communications, it should not be the only factor when deciding on a carrier. With the emergence of VoIP, there are now carriers, such as Gafachi, offering a new level of service which not only saves you money but also time.

Gafachi is a wholesale VoIP carrier offering termination and origination across their own IP-based network, reaching over 170 global destinations. Gafachi aims to provide a reliable, high-quality service at a competitive price, without the usual hassles associated with wholesale telecom.

For additional information, contact:

Gafachi, Inc.
2604 Elmwood Avenue #279
Rochester, NY 14618

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