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July 27, 2011

Gafachi Introduces its Platinum International Rate Table

Wholesale Voice over IP carrier, Gafachi, Inc. announced today that it has released its new Gafachi Platinum International rate table offering substantially more competitive rates to customers with a strong international focus.

For over ten years, Gafachi has been dedicated to leveraging its long-standing, high-volume relationships with Tier 1 carriers to offer competitive rates on exclusively white routes. Today, Gafachi reaffirmed its dedication by introducing an aggressive rate table directed at those with significant international termination needs.

For further details and rates, visit Gafachi's website.

About Gafachi:
Gafachi is a facilities-based wholesale telecommunications company specializing in VoIP. Founded in 2001, with year over year growth and consistent profitability, Gafachi built its custom switching, billing, and management platform from the ground up. All inter-connections to Tier 1 voice networks are via Gafachi's homogeneous network to TDM/SS7, which provides exacting consistency and reliability between the end user and the PSTN. In an industry where carriers come and go, Gafachi remains a stable source for reliable, high-quality VoIP service.

Media Contact:
Alex Licursi
Director of Marketing
Gafachi, Inc.

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