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January 4, 2011

Gafachi Communications Enhances its Network

Gafachi, Inc. announced today that it has recently completed a series of network enhancements which are part of a continuing strategy to provide additional diversity to their network. Gafachi has completed the establishment of geographically diverse SIP Clusters available to all Customers.

The date of Friday, January 7th, 2011 has been chosen for the decommissioning of Gafachi's legacy SIP 1C Cluster. Throughout the past year, Gafachi has contacted its Customers that continue to use the legacy Cluster for both Termination and Origination services.

Customers that have not yet made the appropriate configuration changes should login to the Gafachi website for further detail on the necessary actions they should take.

About Gafachi:
Gafachi is a facilities-based wholesale telecommunications company specializing in VoIP. Founded in 2001, with year over year growth and consistent profitability, Gafachi built its custom switching, billing, and management platform from the ground up. All inter-connections to Tier 1 voice networks are via Gafachi's homogeneous network to TDM/SS7, which provides exacting consistency and reliability between the end user and the PSTN. In an industry where carriers come and go, Gafachi remains a stable source for reliable, high-quality VoIP service.

Media Contact:
Gafachi, Inc.
1 W Main St., STE 650
Rochester, NY 14614
United States of America

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