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Gafachi provides tools designed to allow the reseller to minimize the need for infrastructure. Private label resellers bill and support their clients, while utilizing Gafachi's Advanced Account Management system to provision services. The hierarchy of Gafachi's Advanced Account Management system is shown below.


Private Label Resellers often create a SUB-ACCOUNT for each of their customers. When a SUB-ACCOUNT is created, an Authenticate ID and Secret are automatically generated. The Authenticate ID and Secret are the codes, which are loaded into a VoIP phone, ATA, Softphone, or PBX that the Gafachi Network uses to authenticate and associate calls with that SUB-ACCOUNT. The Gafachi Advanced Account Management systems allows you to:

  • Run Real-Time Call Detail Reports for each SUB-ACCOUNT
  • Track Daily Usage
  • Add DID or Toll Free Numbers
  • Activate New ACCOUNTs or SUB-ACCOUNTs within Hours
  • Make Payments and Transfer Funds between ACCOUNTs

    With Gafachi, you have complete control over your accounts and peace of mind knowing that your customers are on one of the most reliable networks in the industry.

    Please download the Gafachi Private Label Resale Guide for additional details.

         Gafachi Private Label Resale Guide / Enrollment Form

    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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