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The migration to Voice over IP services continues to grow at unprecedented rates. As a Gafachi customer, Service Providers can gain an edge in this fast-paced market.

Gafachi is uniquely positioned to serve as an underlying provider of very competitive network services. As a facilities-based carrier, Gafachi owns and operates CLASS 4 / CLASS 5 switching sites, interconnect POPs, long-haul SONET network providing transport between sites. Having completed a number of strategic fiber builds for last-mile connectivity, today we own over 95% of the trunks in our TDM network. Gafachi's SS7 network, comprised of redundant STP pairs, diverse interconnection and national hubbing, provide direct connectivity to SS7. Choosing Gafachi allows you to leverage the savings of this very cost effective infrastructure with the simplicity of a SIP handoff.


Interconnection Options
  • Internet.   Customer hands off SIP traffic to the Gafachi Network via the public Internet. There are a number of redundant, high quality links from Gafachi to Tier 1 ISPs to ensure that customer's calls will enjoy the highest quality of service. Most customers connect via the Internet as they find it is a reliable, cost effective, and convenient way to route their traffic to Gafachi.
  • Direct Connect.   A fast Ethernet (100mbps) or gigabit Ethernet (1000mbps) dedicated link can be made directly to the Gafachi Network for handing off SIP traffic.   Learn More
  • Dedicated Server.   Gafachi can provide dedicated server(s) in one of our data centers with directly connectivity to our network. This option provides an alternative solution to purchasing Internet access and dedicated servers from a 3rd party company. With this option, calls are handed off directly from the dedicated server(s) in a Gafachi data center to the Gafachi Network.   Learn More

Getting Started

You can Create a New Master Account online, with no initial payment or commitment. Within minutes you will have access to our web-based Customer Management Interface. When you are ready to begin testing, you have the ability to make an initial payment via credit card in real time. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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