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Our unique offering leverages the best of per minute and per line pricing. Lines are as low as $4.00 per month and you never pay more than $0.0010 per minute.

Gafachi has simplified wholesale VoIP DID origination. There are no complicated packages to choose from or overages to pay. Our customer interface allows you to flexibly combine lines and DIDs. Ask about volume discounts for DIDs and ports/transfers!


This service is perfect for many applications including VoIP Service Providers, Resellers, Calling Card companies, and Enterprises. Establish a local presence for your business or end users while dramatically reducing costs today.


With our nationwide coverage, you have access to DIDs in every highly populated area in the contiguous United States as well as Mexico and parts of Western Europe. You'll certainly find numbers that fit your needs and if you already have DIDs, we can readily port them into our network. Locations


Flexibly combine DIDs and lines from our Customer Management Interface. You can group a number of DIDs with a number of lines however you like.
Learn more: Compatibility

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Let us prove to you that we provide the best service and support in the industry. In minutes you can have your questions answered, review our rates, and receive access to our production environment.

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We continuously innovate to simplify wholesale telecommunications. In an industry where carriers come and go, Gafachi remains a stable source for reliable, high-quality VoIP service.

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