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The Gafachi Network seamlessly supports SIP-compliant devices and proxies of all types. Listed below are some of the devices that customers commonly use with our network. Gafachi provides example configurations for those devices marked with an 'X'. After logging into our website, follow the link "How to setup your VoIP hardware/software" to view these examples.

Interoperable SIP equipmentConfiguration
Asterisk PBXX
AudioCodes Gateways 
Cisco ATA 186, ATA 188X
Cisco AS53xx, AS54xx, 7200, 7500 
D-Link ATAs 
Grandstream ATAs and PhonesX
Intel / Dialogic SIP solutions 
MultiTech Gateways 
Quintum Gateways 
SIP Express Router (SER)X
Sipura ATAsX
Sonus Networks Softswitch 
Xten SoftphonesX

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